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Make your own sniper strap for less then 99 cents!

Camera straps like the R-Strap or SUN-SNIPER are really good, because you can carry the camera comfortably and always at hand. But they are also expensive and for small cameras oversized.

The DIY sniper camera strap does not cost any more than 99 cent and is assembled in few minutes.










The material costs nearly nothing

Materials list:

  • 2 meters of cord
  • a small snap hook 40mm
  • a small keyring 15mm
  • a cord stopper 

Pull the cord stopper over the two ends of the cord.

Hook the cord into the snap hook.

Fasten the keyring to the eye for the camera belt.

Hook the snap hook into the keyring.

Carry the sniper camera strap like the carrying belt of a bag over shoulder and chest. Adjust lengthens with the cord stopper.

The camera should hang approximately in the height of the hip.

The camera slides up the strap to your eye.

The strap is never in the way.

The camera slides down to your back.

The DIY Sniper Camera Strap is particularly suitable for smaller cameras. It can be carried also very well under a jacket.


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