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Budget flash diffuser

Direct flash light is very hard and produces hard shadows. In order to 
make the light softer, you can use a diffuser. This sits between the light and subject and makes it softer.

This is a simple flash diffuser that is quick and easy to make.

Necessary material:
* a sheet of paper
* a piece cardboard, e.g. black photo cardboard
* a stapler
* a rubber band or a hair rubber

Step 1
Cut a strip cardboard of approx. 20 cm length. The strip must be so 
broad that an opening for lightning can be in-cut.

Step 2
Cut from a white sheet of paper a strip the same width with the length of approx. 15 cm. Fold the cardboard according to the illustration at the broken 
lines and cut the opening for the flash along the continuous lines. 
Break outward the developing latches at the opening. They serve to hold 
the diffuser with a rubber band to the flash.

Step 3
Staple the paper together as shown in the picture.

Step 4
Use a rubber band to secure the diffuser on the flash head.


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