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THE CAGE, designed in close cooperation with GREG GORMAN and CALIFORNIA SUNBOUNCE, provides you with a 100% control over your light. Studio or location - midnight or high-noon. Never again you get a problem with uncontrolled spill-light.

Ad light, subtract light, get your window-light from any direction. Open the top of your cubic cage and use the soft advantage of a translucent screen minus 2/3rd or close the top to block the light completely from that direction.
You can use walls and top inside-out - so you get unlimited possibilities for your lighting. Sun from the left, sun from the right, sun from the top - no problem anymore.

All these screens are combined in one piece. They are easy to attach to the Aluminum frame-work which sets up in no time.

Greg Gorman, born in Kansas in 1949, has become one of the premier portrait and figure shooters in the world. His career spans thirty years of brilliant images and each picture is the culmination of careful planning and letting his subject flow into a relaxed shooting enviornment. He is know for the quality of his lighting and the beauty of the human form be it a celebrity portrait such as Ben Affleck, Billy Bob Thornton, and Kim Basinger or one of his classical nudes.

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